Słodko-gorzkie, Radio Kampus, 22 lipca, 21.00 – plejlista

Bohater (1)
Morrissey „Everyday Is Like Sunday” / Viva Hate

George Ezra „Barcelona / Waiting on Voyage
Morrissey „The Bullfighter Dies” / World Peace Is None of Your Business

Bohater (2)
Morrissey „Earth is the Loneliest Planet” / World Peace Is None of Your Business
Morrissey „Kiss Me a Lot” / World Peace Is None of Your Business
The Smiths „Some Girls Are Biggest Than Others” / Queen Is Dead

Haley Bonar „Kill the Fun” / Last War

Supergrupa (1)
Broken Bells „Control” / After the Disco

Manic Street Preachers „Motorcycle Emptiness” / Generation Terrorist
Manic Street Preachers „Walk Me to the Bridge” / Futurology
Manic Street Preachers feat. Nina Hoss „Europa Geht Durch Mich” / Futurology
David Bowie „A New Career in a New Town” / Low
Manic Street Preachers feat. Green Gartside „Between the Clock and the Bed” / Futurology

Kobieta (a w tle Manic Street Preachers) (1)
Kylie Minogue „Some Kind of Bliss” / Impossible Princess
Kylie Minogue „Did It Again” / Impossible Princess

Supergrupa (2)
Spoon „Do You?” / They Want My Soul

Alt-J „Left Hand Free” / This Is All Yours

Kobieta (2)
St. Vincent „Regret” / St. Vincent

Jungle „The Heat” / Jungle
Jungle „Busy Earnin’” / Jungle
Justice „D.A.N.C.E.” / Cross
The Beat „Too Nice to Talk To”

Kobieta (3)
Jessie Ware „Tough Love” / Tough Love

Sohn „Artifice” / Tremors
How to Dress Well „And It Was You” / Total Loss
Woman’s Hour „The Days That Need Defending” / Conversations
Woman’s Hour „Conversations” / Conversations

Woman’s Hour „Devotion” / Conversations
Rhye „Open” / Woman
Chet Faker „Cigarettes & Loneliness” / Built on Glass

Coldplay „Don’t Panic” / Parachutes
Coldplay „Yellow” / Parachutes
Coldplay „Everything’s Not Lost” / Parachutes

Wild Beasts „Mekka” / Present Tense
Manic Street Preachers „Black Square” / Futurology
Elbow „Real Life” / The Take Off and Landing of Everything
The War on Drugs „Burning” /Lost in the Dream


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