Słodko-gorzkie, Radio Kampus, 17 sierpnia – plejlista

Manic Street Preachers „(It’s Not War) Just the End of the World” / Postcards from a Young Man
Phoenix „Amistice” / Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Interpol „Barricade” / Interpol
Free Energy „Bang Pop”/ Stuck On Nothing
Holy Fuck! „Static on Wire” / Latin
Caribou “Sun” / Swim
Jannelle Monae „Cold War” / The ArchAndroid Suites II and III
Tunng „Hustle” / … and Then We Saw a Land
of Monreal „Coquet Coquette” / Fasle Priest
Wilder „Girls vs Boys” / Girls vs Boys EP
!!! „The Most Certain Sure” / Strange Weather, Isn’t It?
The Villagers „Ship of Promises” / The Villagers
Deerhunter „Revival” / Halcyon Digest
Edwyn Collins „Losing Sleep” / Losing Sleep
Lachowicz „All the People” / Pigs, Joys and Organs
Kyte „Designed for Damage” / Designed for Damage
I Am Kloot „Proof” / Sky at Night



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